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Our story


Our Story

At Hakeems Barbeque quality is the top priority. No expense is spared, no corners are cut, and absolutely no compromises are made to produce the most authentic barbecue you have ever tasted. We have tasted barbecue from all over the country and around the world and we have developed a true barbecue flavor that rivals competition cooks and legendary Texas smokehouses. We have refined our methods into a complete science and every bite has been meticulously crafted for optimum enjoyment. We have developed a proprietary blend of wood for smoking and a custom spice blend for each meat. We are excited to share our passion for amazing bbq with you!

Our Staff

The pitmasters at Hakeems BBQ strive for perfection as they delicately balance smoke, spice, temperature, and humidity.  A process honed over years of practice and driven by a love for barbecue. They take pride in the painstaking details required for excellent barbecue and we hope you appreciate the hard work and dedication that is poured into every batch.


Variables in




Every variable in the cooking and preparation process will change the outcome of any given meat. Barbecue is especially sensitive to this and each cycle start to finish can last almost a full 24 hour period. Refining the process on all cooked meats takes a considerable amount of time that simply cannot be simulated. Every cut of meat is different, every tree is different, every batch of spices has a degree of variance and when cooking outside, every day has different weather! The trim on a brisket, fat between the point and the flat, even the location on the truck that the ground beef was transported on makes a difference. At Hakeems BBQ we pay extreme attention to details to get reliably consistent results while controlling as much as reasonably possible.


We make every effort to use the best local ingredients. We cook everything from scratch and only use simple hand tools during preparation for unprecedented homemade feel.

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Events, Catering, Festivals

We have experience running events from birthday parties, team celebrations, graduations and weddings. We specialize in corporate catering and outdoor cookouts. You can also find us at most major fairs and festivals around southern California. We also offer small orders with sufficient advanced scheduling. For more information and for custom packages, please contact us here.